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Venting about stupid people.

 So apparently a car flipped over in front of my house.  Thankfully on the other side of the highway.  I'm not entirely sure how or why because I wasn't home to witness it.  I only found out about it because my parents called to make sure it wasn't me.  I was at dinner with Bob and our friends when it happened so obviously I'd eventually have to come home.  When I finally reach town they had blocked off the northbound side of the highway as predicted.  No big deal I don't travel that way to go home anyway.  It just meant I got stuck in a bit of unnecessary traffic.  I proceed to the back street where I need to get back on the southbound side of the highway and notice a shitload of people/cars standing around.  One car is blocking my view of the actual highway and if it was daytime I would have been beyond pissed because I wouldn't have been able to see past it.  Thank God for headlights.  For anyone not familiar with my parking situation I park in the lot attached to the post office.  Since we live on a major highway, we only have a driveway and enough space in front of the house for 2 cars.  Although I'm the only child still at home I leave the extra space for my sister when she comes over, at least 3 times a week.  This means I park in the lot.  I've been parking in this lot since my mother got her new car over 2 years ago.  No one at the post office has made a big deal out of it and actually my family's been parking there since before that.  Anyway, back to the topic at hand.  So as I notice all of these people I realize, well, they've gotta park somewhere.  Which would have been fine.  Except for the fact that this moron parked in the driveway of the lot, leaving me no way to safely enter and park.  So I had to proceed back around the corner, park my car, and call my parents to make sure I actually COULD park in front of the house.  Thankfully I did that because I had forgotten my sister's car had been parked in the front spot when I left and my mother's behind her.  My mother never moved her car forward because she didn't have a need to.  I'm just aggravated that people feel it necessary to park in a spot they shouldn't be parked.  Whether the side of the road and blocking my view or prohibiting me from entering a lot.  I find it incredibly rude for people to gawk at an accident site as it is. 

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