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Work Vent

I don't post much but today I feel like I have to.  Just to get it out of my system.  So all week I've had a tightening pain in my chest along with a swelling throat and horrible cough.  It wasn't constant and I felt okay so I fought my way through the week and didn't really say much at work because other people were/are sick and sound worse than me.  Yesterday, after the pain in my chest traveled down my torso, I decide I'm going to go to the doctor after work.  Unfortunately by the time I get there the office is closed.  They were only open 9-4 today so I pretty much was SOL since I was scheduled 7-4.  Being that it's Friday we had slightly more staff than usual so I called my boss when I got home and asked if it was okay that I left at 2 so I could make it there in time.  She said this was fine.  Great, fantastic, perfect.  I didn't take a break, was in the drive-thru all day by myself, and pretty much did everything I was supposed to.  Another girl came in at 1 and I assumed (wrongly) that she would come in the drive thru with me so I could be out of there on time.  DId that happen?  Of course not.  I had to wait for the girl who was coming in at 2 to be picked up since she didn't have a ride and didn't end up getting to close up my box until after 2.  I didn't leave the building until 2:18.  Only to wait in the doctor's office for over an hour just for him to not tell me what's wrong with me and prescribe the Z-pak and a strong cough medicine with codeine in it that I'm supposed to take twice a day except I can't take it before work so I'll only be taking it once a day.  Oh and the Z-pak makes me sick to my stomach which I forgot to mention so now I'll have to go to work all next week feeling even worse than I already do because one of the girls is on vacation.


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